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General Building Welding & Fabrication uses innovative technology for efficient pipeline installation.
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About Us

About Us | General Building Welding & Fabrication - Memphis, TN

General Building Welding & Fabrication, based in Memphis, TN, is the industry leader in offering services for welding fabrication, steel erection, repair to truck bed and trailers, and pipeline installation and fabrication. With our many years of serving our clientele, you can be sure of our quality output and the most affordable rates.

Our team is comprised of the most experienced, licensed, and customer-oriented professionals in the business. We have an on-call crew of pipeline installers, pipeline fabricators, and welding fabricators who are experts in their field. With the orientation and commitment to deliver no less than the best service and output, our professionals deliver seamless results.

The ever-growing and massive expanse of our service portfolio shows our wide spectrum of industrial and welding expertise. Moreover, our versatile repertoire represents our years in the business with a remarkable expansion into other fields such as scrap metal and general concrete.

In upgrading our technology and equipment, we know that our services will also be elevated to a higher level of superior results. The ideal combination of these advanced technologies and licensed, skilled professionals is the main highlight of our business.

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